Thursday, September 08, 2005

Crazy Days

The days are getting crazy here in Port Orange. I am working a good bit and 7-Eleven grows more and more interesting as each day goes by. Here is the story from today.

The weather has been pretty horrible here and because of a tropical storm there were no kids in school today. As a result of this and other factors the store was not as busy as it normally is. Well 12:15 rolls around and a couple of guys come in for lunch, getting some drinks and pizzas. After a short while we notice that something is going down outside. There is this old, green Ford pickup parked in one of the spaces on the far end of the lot and four cop cars are surrouding it. This grabs our attention and soon we notice that one of the cops has his gun pulled out and pointed inside the back of his window. There are other cops racing toward the truck with their guns ready to fire if anything was to go awry. Soon a large white man comes out of the truck and they have him do all these weird things like get on his knees and lift up his shirt. Then he had to walkk backward towards them and eventually the handcuffed him. We all thought that some drug bust had occured or maybe they had stolen something big. Well here is the real, but vague, story:

Apparently the guy and his friend (the one in the back of the cop car) claimed to have been making payments on the truck. Well something went down to where they had commandeered a dealer tag for the truck and we believe the truck was stolen as well. The cops proceeded to take the tag off, repo the truck, and leave the guys out in front of our store with all of their stuff. They just sat there. I walked past them not knowing what to say, ergo I said nothing.

Oh thank heaven for 7-Eleven!

Other than that all goes well here. I trust that support is going to kick into high gear soon and I hope to be in a good position come the time I leave for Atlanta for a short, but very needed, conference.

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  1. Anonymous11:39 PM

    i note your comment "They just sat there. I walked past them not knowing what to say, ergo I said nothing. "

    I ask you what would Jesus have done? Do you think he would have interacted with them to see where they were spiritually?