Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Mere Tomfoolery

The main reason for writing in here this time around is so I could post this picture. I just uploaded my STINT pictures from my external hard drive to my computer so I can have access to them and remember all the amazing times. This is one of my favorite pictures I took all year. We were on our final team trip, finding our way to the beautiful island of Sicily. We had a crazy, delerious time on the way down and ended up in paradise. The whole time was amazing, including when this shot was taken. I decided to take some time with the Lord by stopping at a cafe' near L'Isola Bella (The Beautiful Island), which is pictured in the background. This picture encompasses the serenity of enjoying a nice caffe while listening to the waves crash up against the rocky beach--truly admiring the work of God's Hands. I still don't believe it was me there...

And in other news, I finally have a picture of my new car! I have been taking pictures with my camera sparringly due to the fact that the screen is almost completely broken. I have to send it in to Casio for repairs, so I figured I would take some pictures before I couldn't have any access to it for possibly weeks. And I am sure that in these weeks I am going to have many opportunities to take some amazing pictures and I shall be kicking myself in the rear for not sending it sooner!

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  1. Anonymous12:13 AM

    Andrew, your car is really cool right now. I'm listening to a college radion station online and the music is making me feel like I should be sophisticatedly (if that's a word) posing in a slow-motion commercial for a snappy silver car. And just as the song is developing this idea in my head, I scroll down to your car. It's perfect. I look great in it.