Thursday, September 01, 2005

Something quick to ponder

I have heard this in prayer before and as I heard someone praying for it in recent days I began to wonder if this is what we should be asking God--"Lord, would you become more real to us..."

I honestly stopped my focus on the prayer and started to think about this request. I began to ask God if that is what we should be praying. First of all, I am pretty analytical about how my prayers should be lifted up to God and how we talk to Him. I may even be overly critical, but as for now I am not sure if that is the case. I think we have an amazing privilege in being able to commune with God on a regular basis through the power of prayer and repeating a bunch of "Lord, God, Father, would you do" etc. makes me wonder how genuine I am in my prayers and how much I simply want to fill the air with my voice and not have a pause in my speech.

With that said I was asking God about this and the answer, I believe, is pretty simple; actually it was confirmed to me in a song by Shawn McDonald. Here are the lyrics:

"Won't you come and fill
won't you come make me more real.
Take this life
Won't you change this life
Come and make me whole."

The point made in the song and what I know truth to be is this: God is. I live by that and things come into perspective. In true, unabashed reality, God always is and we are simply a product of His wonderful desire to create. As much as we build ourselves up, the fact is we are merely human. Though the most powerful living creatures on Earth we are again simply that--living creatures...on Earth.

We are limited. We are flawed. We do not control all things.

So God is. And we are. With God being who He is and us being who we are, who needs to become more real? As God is, always and forevermore, we must live our lives as such and beg to become more real as He is real. He is the One who will make us whole and as we step closer into His light, reality will become clearer. That which was once in darkness shall be exposed to the light and take shape, defined by the beauty of God, not by the hideousness of death.

Much love in His grace.


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