Wednesday, October 12, 2005


This is my camera. All of the pictures throughout this blog have been taken with that camera. I got it while I was in Italy knowing I would be taking a lot of pictures. I would always try and be artistic with disposible camera, but they just never came out the way I wanted and for good reason--that isn't their job. It was so exciting to receive this camera and see all the different settings on it to where I could be a little more creative with the pictures I would take. I am sure I took nearly 1500 pictures while in Europe (more would be counted for repeated shots of the same thing) and have continued to take pictures here in America. I have encountered a problem though that has saddened me deeply.

While in Ft. Lauderdale in June I was taking pictures of a CAFTA (Free Trade) protest in the street. I set it on a dresser and then I accidentally knocked it over. Consequently the monitor cracked, causing only half the picture to be seen. Pictures can and were still be taken, but it is very difficult to know exactly what you are taking. I sent it in to Casio to get it fixed while under warranty. Of course one of many things not covered is a the screen breaking. Therefore I am being charged. And this is how much I am being charged to get the screen fixed:


When I purchased the camera it was only $250.00 and I am sure if I were to get the same one again it would actually be cheaper than fixing the screen. I just can't believe it costs that much to fix the screen. So now I am debating. The mega-pixels were too low on that camera; the night shots didn't take too well; there is no shutter speed function on there; and the videos are in AVI format (MPEG format would allow me to put video on my website).

Now I am seriously considering getting a new one, but do not want to be hasty. Instead I am going to trust in the Lord for His provision and seek to figure out how I can get the camera I would like (Canon SD400) which is a little more expensive, but suits my taste with the next step I would like to take in this newfound hobby of mine.

I didn't have this camera long (only a year) and am thoroughly upset with the way things have turned out. I love taking pictures and hope to have some new ones up for you all to see.

In the meantime, enjoy some of my favorites taken over the past year:

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  1. Anonymous1:36 PM

    That stinks. Yeah i would just go for the whole new camera. augh. frustrating though.