Wednesday, April 12, 2006

O How Mysterious!

As I walked around the house this morning I looked outside and saw the beatuy that is Your creation. My eyes fell upon the wonders of birds and their rhythmic chirps, trees and bushes that seemed to define the color green, and a light that pervaded everything I saw. And as a world of people tries to explain and understand them, as we try to figure it all out (because if we have it figured out we believe we can control it), we forget about the mystery of it all. Whether "it" be nature, relationships, communication, emotions--all these are mysterious to us in their essence. But as we continually seek to satiate our desire for knowledge and power, the mystery becomes buried with our "how to's" and fruitless explanations. We dissolve the beauty and true meaning of all with which we have been blessed.

Fortunately we are human. By God's grace everything once again can become mysterious, unknown, and truly beautiful to us by one simple question--"what?". This echo from Tozer and others before him remains as true today as it has in eternity past. The truth is we are all reduced to babbling infants who have no real words to describe the essence of anything that we know exists. From gravity to love, we have spent hundreds of years attempting to define and describe and discover that which is undefinable, indescribable, and undiscoverable. As much time as we explain how gravity functions and the purpose that it may serve, we can never tell anyone what gravity is at its deepest core. With love we see it in action; we have poetry, countless songs and movies, marriages and children born as a result of love, but we do not know the essence of it (except for maybe the beautiful simplicity of Scripture stating God is love). Therefore, if we do not know the essence of these, how could we ever begin to know the true essence of God Himself?

As gravity and love are completely mysterious to us, we must concede to the fact that God is all the morel. He has chosen to reveal what He desires. Nothing more, nothing less. Just enough for us to faithfully depend on the most celebrated of all mysteries--the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

This is my prayer to You: That as I live in this world and experience the great mystery of love, I may also live, walking in the glorious mystery of Your resurrection. I believe, Lord, help my unbelief.

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