Sunday, May 07, 2006

A Reflection on Psalm 95

Invited to come.
The people of God can come.
Joy in the Lord is sought after.
This is my desire.

In a time when I feel as though I lack much of the joy we know in Christ, this Psalm comes in providential timing. Sing for joy to the Lord! My faith is one that should lead to sheer joy--singing, shouting--to the Rock of my salvation. The joy I have, the deep joy that I know, is in Christ. It is Christ.

In His love,
His life--
I have been saved.

Joy is in the Lord and the salvation He brings. How can I not feel the joy and sing? Once dead, once having nothing to offer, my God saved me and brought me to life. Called to come before His presence with thanksgiving, shouting joyfully to Him with psalms, I pray to feel the joy of being in His light. The warmth, the brightness--they are overwhelming as we approach Him. My joy is derived from being in Him; all of the living me depends on the Great Source of all life.

How often do I stop to ponder how great the Lord our God is? The call to worship, the call for joy lead me to the call to revel in His majesty. The intimate Father, the Rock of my salvation, is also the King above all other gods. When I look at the trees do I remember they are His? As I gaze out into the waters of the ocean do I recall that He formed them? When I climb a mountain do I reflect on the One who created the ground on which I tread? And in all that I may marvel at, do I then worship Him who has not only done these, but has also breathed life into His people? What a Wonderful Maker! My call is to worship, to bow and to kneel. What a joy this is!

The reason. The call for singing, the call for joy, the call for shouting, the call for worship, the call to come--all for the reason. He is our God. We are the sheep of His pasture. Since the beginning of our existence it has always been this way and will never change. God is God. We are not. We are man. And as much as we try to achieve god-like status, I see a world delving further into the truth and reality that we are far from being near to Him in quality. We can never be God and although we may not know that, He certainly does. But we are called not to be God, reather we are called to live in God. We are His children and our hope lies in being consumed by Him in all areas of life such that our identity is lost and only He remains. When my Father looks at me I desire for Him only to see His reflection, a son who has been made in His very likeness through the death of His One True Son and the life brought by the power of His Holy Spirit. This is pure joy.

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