Wednesday, August 23, 2006

A Deeper Look--Part 2

I am exposed and naked, completely vulnerable before all creation. Everything I thought I was--a facade, a game, an act. Security gone, I am left to confront all that was once hidden from me. Too afraid to approach, I sense Something drawing near; I feel as though I am walking closer, compelled by a Force other than myself. Closer to what? Where am I going? With nothing around me, all comforts gone, I continue to move forward. Or is Something moving toward me?

In an open plain, the clouds begin to form, lightning striking from every direction and the thunder growing louder, more intense, almost shaking the ground underneath my feet. The quaking causes me to look nervously around for a stampede of wild animals. Nothing. I shift my eyes upward, toward the sky above when the first drop falls dirctly in the middle of my forehead. It trickles down my cheek, following the same path that many tears of pain and sadness once flowed. Another, then another, then another. As the droplets hit my skin, I take notice of what they are. Not water, not rain like I know. The substance is think, dark in color. Red. Blood. At first, fear grips me, blood pouring from the sky onto every part of my body. But as I am covered, from head, down to my chest, then my stomach, then my feet, a feeling of freedom rushes over me, unlike anything I have known before. What I once lost--comfort, shelter, security--none compare to what I have found...or what found me.

Joy floods over me and I begin to dance. Covered in this blood, exposed and naked, I feel clean and deeply refreshed. Truly for the first time.

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