Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Port Orange Is Just South Of Daytona

No one really knows where Port Orange is, unless of course you live in or around the area. This is one of those situations where you fudge the truth a little bit and give the name of a city nearby that you don't really live in, but it is a lot easier than saying where you live, then saying, "It is (insert direction here) of (insert known city here)."

"I live in Shampalankanatee."
"Where the heck is that?"
"It's just SW of New York City."

It is of course a lot easier to say, "I live in New York City." You would also seem a lot cooler too.

That's typically how it goes for me as people either think I am in Orange Park (Jacksonville area) or in New Port Richey (NW of Tampa). But no, none of these are true. Right now I am in Port Orange. Port Orange is just south of Daytona. Remember this.

By His Grace.

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