Sunday, July 13, 2008

Rest Is Key

I have been back in America for almost two weeks, Gainesville for over a week. I haven't had much going on, which is typically a challenge for me. I am a guy who usually needs to keep his schedule packed, probably to feel justified in some way shape or form. If I am not busy and think I have "idle" time, I quickly turn to guilt. Our culture feeds that as well, causing many of us to think that if we do not have the entire week scheduled with meetings or projects or papers or activities or whatever the case, we are wasting our lives away. So that's what we do.

Being busy for the sake of being busy is shallow. Very few people I know actually have meaningful schedules, where the people they meet and the time they spend working all seek to fulfill a unified purpose. College students in particular are poor at this; many spread themselves ridiculously thin being involved in five different clubs that are unrelated just to fill out a resume. I have heard as of late, "I have to go to college because that's the only way someone can get a job," but most have no idea what they want to do. Not even a hint of an idea.

Truth is I was very much the same way and probably to a degree still am, but I have grown to be a firm believer in time purposefully spent. My college experience would have been much different if I the time I spent was more purposeful.So how often do we think of rest as purposeful time? For myself it isn't too often, but this past week I have seen the necessity for it in my life--to chill, to hang out, to read, to write, to pray, to think, to do whatever but have a schedule. I have gotten more sleep than I thought I ever could and I am feeling refreshed. Refreshed!

I understand that rest should not be equated with laziness. There is an enormous I am still learning. I do know that rest is key and I am finding it here in Gainesville, with much delight and no guilt.

By His Grace.

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