Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Writing For The Sake Of It

Sometimes one has to do what one has to do. I consider myself a writer. I believe I best convey my thoughts, learned concepts, critiques, musings, etc. through the medium of writing. I believe it was also Sean Connery in Finding Forrester who said that Forrester should write and keep writing without stopping. He told him that typing and writing should be done without giving time to develop thoughts or ideas and simply let them flow out through his fingers onto the keys. Not much would make sense, the punctuation would be all wrong, but the thought would be continuous and genuine. Those are my two cents anyway.

I like this idea and seek to incorporate it into my life on a few levels. One is that I journal fairly consistently. I rarely miss a day to reflect on my life, on who God is, on what His Word has to say, and on what this world is like. I find it extremely important for myself and suggest it to others to journal on a regular basis. This particular discipline requires alone time. This particular discipline requires an individual to get past their concerns about being a good writer. This particular discipline requires discipline. I write that because too often--and I do this to myself in other areas of life--if we don't feel like doing something, we just don't do it. But often I find that even if I do not feel like writing--right now would be one of those instances--once I actually begin writing thoughts flow out pretty easily. The beauty of writing is that one can always look back. I now have seven years worth of journals to look back on and boy does that provide some flashbacks, some laughter, some praise, and yes, even re-learning. The re-learning is particularly helpful as life should be a continuous striving of learning and application. So if you have gotten this far, you can see that I recommend journaling to you, if you have not taken up the discipline already. Who knows, you may be able to look back on July 15th, 2008 with great fondness as the day you began to record your thoughts on paper.

*Sidenote: I am a fan of handwritten journaling when it comes to personal reflection; none of this computer crap. Also, as I am a snob in this area, a really good Moleskine journal is of utmost necessity.

As a second application, I am seeking to write on my blog more, entering into the public arena of thought and debate. I know I do write on occasion--some funny things, some serious things, some personal narrative things, some theological things--but I desire to write more consistently and hopefully as that happens I will develop the habit of searching for particular topics to write about on a regular basis. I would like to write a book some day, but I am not sure what about nor do I know if I have the discipline or the attention span to do so. I think writing both privately and publicly will help with this.

So here I am, presenting myself before you, the reader, as a means of accountability. You know my desire to write, to have others write, and also to be read by others. I ask you to hold me to writing at least four times a week in this blog along with my daily writing in my personal journal. Should I not live up to my end, I ask that you bombard me with messages and topics to write about so I can have fuel for thought. This would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you and goodnight.

By His Grace.

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