Thursday, August 21, 2008

Quick Update

Writing regularly is proving to be tougher and tougher as each day passes and the move becomes more of a reality. Many people, for some reason or another, think I am already in Chicago. That is a false belief. I would like to dismiss the thoughts most have and let you know that I am still in Gainesville. Only three days left, all of which shall be consumed with Russell and Molliann's wedding, my packing, and hopefully saying some goodbyes.

I do have a few ruminations floating around regarding Scripture as the Lord has been impressing much on my heart as of these days. Two things in particular:
  • In reading Luke 15, a chapter I preached on in my biblical interpretation and communication class, the Spirit revealed something to me that I never really picked up on before--the truth that God rejoices in repentance! I hope to expound on this in a future post, but I think it is common for myself and many others to not recognize this profound truth that God is joyful when we run to Him in repulsion of our sins. For Christians in our culture we are either frivolous with our sin, thinking it isn't a big deal, or we are so guilt ridden with sin that we are afraid to run to God in repentance. The call to repentance exists regardless of how we view it, but to know that our Father in heaven delights in it should be good incentive for us to turn from sin and toward Him. How beautiful this is!

  • What really is a "quiet time?" Does it consist of going in a small room, no noise, just the Bible, on our knees or prostrate, crying out to God for hours or can it be a time at [insert favorite coffee shop here], lots of caffeine and people to distract us as we look up constantly listening to David Crowder or Chris Tomlin for 30 minutes? This thought came to me for a number of reasons, but it is also in light of Matthew 6 where Jesus repeatedly teaches about "our Father who is in secret" and that we should practice certain disciplines "in secret." Do you have any opinions? What is a "quiet time?" Is there a norm? How do you usually spend time with the Lord?

That is all. The time continues to go by...

By His Grace.

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