Monday, August 04, 2008

When Does One Enter "The Real World?"

This title of this post is the question I pose to you all who read my notes. Last week I heard the phrase "the real world" tossed around a lot. The only people that seem to be in the real world are those who tell other people, "Wait until you get into the real world. Then you'll know what I'm talking about." It doesn't really matter what they are doing or what stage of life they are in; I have seen high schoolers, college students, recent grads, married couples, old people with kids, etc. all use those lines. They all seem to have some kind of grasp on this "real world" that I've never really gotten or understood myself.

So when do I get into this "real world?" It is absolutely never ever ever mentioned in a good light. It seems like a dark, scary place, where one is getting audited all the time, people are slitting each others throats for a dollar, and no one ever smiles. Is that the "real world?"

Is the "real world" when your parents stop paying for your car insurance and cell phone or when you're living under a bridge downtown, eating out of dumpsters, standing around a fire in an oil drum just to stay warm?

Is the "real world" the vicious climb up the corporate ladder where you compromise your values and step on the faces of your friends or is it not being able to find a job anywhere because you are a convicted felon who isn't trusted even though you've turned your life around and just need to start somewhere?

Is the "real world" a daily routine of getting out of bed early, drinking coffee, going to work, then the gym, coming home to watch a few TV shows only to go to bed at 10:00 to do it again the next day? Is the "real world" a 40 hour a week job that you absolutely hate and maybe do only "15 minutes of real, actual work?"

I'm not sure, though it seems like everyone else but me has a good idea of what the "real world" is. What about you? Can you tell me what the "real world" is? I I gonna like it? And if I don't, can I stay away or will I one day inevitably be sucked into the darkness that it is only to become that guy who says along with everyone else--"Wait until you get into the real world. Then you will know what I'm talking about?"

I'm trembling.

By His Grace.

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