Thursday, September 04, 2008

The DNC & RNC Reveal One Thing: Worship

It's 12:30 am here in Deerfield, where the temperatures continue to drop. I, and many others so I don't just come off as Floridian, had to wear sweatshirts for parts of the day, which was just amazing and refreshing. Yeah, it was a bit overcast, but I don't mind. I will take that over being drenched with sweat the moment I step outside my house in Florida.

Because of time I cannot take too much time to write, but wanted to share one thought that, like many, I hope to build upon at some point in time (knowing me it will go unfinished, but hope one day to develop better discipline).

What I have noticed in both the Democratic National Convention and the Republican National Convention is the same: The worship of both politics and politicians. One need go no further than to either listen to or look at the transcripts of the speeches made by both Senator Obama and Governor Palin who spoke tonight.

Click here for a link to Palin's

I am making myself even more vulnerable by saying I am not too much into politics, though I do hold opinions and am a registered voter. This means I am not too aware of protocol at such events like the DNC & RNC. However, I hope I am not the only one who finds it a bit crazy that after nearly every sentence there is loud applause, cheering, or boos. Videos show people waving stuff, jumping all over the place, fainting, screaming, foaming at the mouth...wait, that's more like a Hanna Montana concert, minus the foaming at the mouth stuff...or not. The environments are similar, though the object of worship on stage may look a little older, a little more mom-ish, or be a different gender or race.

And so I've introduced a term that needs defining--worship.

My premise is that these conventions reveal to us just one of so many ways in which we worship and that worship is at the very core of our being. Sadly, we have replaced the God of all things with idols, man-made gods that in reality are just vain expressions of ourselves.

For many tonight it is politics and politicians.
For others it's Hanna Montana
For others it's money
...a comfortable life...
...The American Dream...

When will we repent of these things and turn back to the One True God who has fully revealed Himself in the person of Jesus Christ? He has come. He has spoken. He has died. He has risen. And He has called us all to repent from our sin of vain idol worship and fall down at His feet in adoration and awe to worship Him, King of kings and Lord of lords.

Without defining worship explicitly, maybe you get the idea of what I'm saying. If not, I know I have left myself open for a strong critique of my logic and premises. That's fine. I'm tired. But this also weighs heavily on my heart.

By His Grace.

In no way should this be read as an endorsement of one candidate over the other. Please do not infer my political affiliation based on comments in this post.

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