Friday, September 12, 2008

Do You See These Days As A Time To Stand

I am reading this book by one of the great thinkers of our time, Os Guinness. Yes, he is a direct descendant of Arthur Guinness, the brewer and founder of Guinness beer. The book I am reading is entitled The Call, which was written to help Christians really discover and understand the concept of calling as it is spelled out for us in Scripture, establishing from the get go that we are not called to do something or go somewhere, but primarily we are called to Someone. I am not halfway through it, but I am already amazed at the balance he maintains between intellect and real pastoral care (though I don't think he is a pastor or ever has been one).

These words are from his chapter, A Time To Stand and I think they are some of the most powerful words for this generation of believers, requiring serious consideration:
Many followers of Jesus today have not begun to wrestle with the full dimensions of the truths of calling because they have not been stretched by the real challenges of today's world and by the momentousness of the present hour. "A time to stand" is a time to behave as our Lord would wish us to behave. A time to behave is a time to believe as he has taught us to believe. A time to believer is a time to move from small, cozy formulations of faith to knowing what it is to be called by him as the deepest, most stirring, and most consuming passion of our lives.

Do you see what he is getting at? Do you understand the magnitude of these words? The days have passed where you could get by with saying, "Yeah, Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior." Gone are the days where you could live a formulaic, comfortable, easy Christian life, never really considering why you believe what you believe. Gone are the days when you could insulate yourself in a little bubble and try to run as far away as possible from ever trying to understand the world and its ways.

Now are the days where we need to be versed in Scripture, willing to take a stand on the Rock of our salvation, the One in Whom we say our whole lives are wrapped? Now are the days where we need to embrace and engage culture, not shying away because we don't understand. Now are the days of learning, reading, writing, growing, and challenging ourselves and others with us to share the truth of God's love for all of us, of Christ's death for our disobedience against God, our Creator, and the foundation for why we believe--because Jesus Christ is risen! Now are the days of submission to our Lord and an obedience to our King who reigns on high, he who was and is and is to come.

These are the days. Do you see them as a time to stand?

By His Grace.

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