Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Midwest Winter

Right now it is the coldest it has been since my arrival here. The temperature is a mere 50 degrees. Needless to say this is still like the summer months in the Caribbean compared to what the winter brings come December-June or something hideous like that.

Every person I talk to, after hearing that I am from Florida, gets a frightened look on his or her face. "Have you ever experienced a Midwest winter?" is the immediate question they ask. I say I am originally from New Mexico and then I must quickly back that statement by mentioning that there are mountains in Santa Fe, it actually snows there, and there is some pretty good skiing as well. Once they get over the shock that New Mexico isn't just flat desert lands, they say, "But have you ever experienced a Midwest winter?" I come back with a confident, "No, but I sure do like seasons!" They laugh and say I am in for a big surprise.

Each conversation has constructed a more solidified image of this Midwest winter, where temperatures drop below 100, sometimes even making it close to -273 Celsius--the temperature where all motion ceases. People can't leave home without 15 layers, 12 jackets, and 5 pair of long johns. Then come the 16 pairs of socks, 22 pairs of gloves, and 5 pairs of boots--all at the same time! This just won't do for a Midwest winter though. One has to purchase clothes that have built-in heating systems so that at the touch of a button one can experience bursts of steam and a slight warming through a hot-water filtration system. It's all quite compelling actually. The snow stacks up so high we are actually holding class on the rooftops of the buildings and small city systems come out through the burrowed tunnels created under the snow. But I am sure my imagination in no way compares to what it's actually going to be like--it's probably worse!

Today in class someone actually prayed that I can make it through the winter. As for now, with the temperature being what it is, all I can do is brew a nice pot of delicious coffee, pull out my Bible, and enjoy life. All I can hope for as the weather gets colder is that I don't turn out like this guy:

By His Grace.

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