Thursday, September 04, 2008

More Americans Killed In Chicago Than Iraq This Summer

One major reason for my attending Trinity was to be near the great City of Chicago, which is truly one of the most historic cities in our nation. An unspoken, unwritten, yet well-intended goal of mine while living here was to give myself a good education of this city--its origins, its characteristics, its people, its culture--so as to grow in greater appreciation for why God has me here in these years.

That honestly has proven hard since first arriving, but the goal has been renewed as I ran across this saddening article posted on one of the news sites. Although the article indirectly reveals the successes we are having in the Middle East thanks to "The Surge," it is disheartening in terms of intranational crime here America.

My hope for the future is that as I educate myself on beautiful--and ugly--sides of Chicago, I will in turn give you a glimpse for you to develop a greater understanding and appreciation for this great city.

By His Grace.

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