Thursday, September 11, 2008

Welcome to the "Village" of Wheeling

Besides Chicago, there doesn't seem to be any cities here in close proximity. I have this odd feeling that the great State of Illinois just wants to give that city the only distinction as a city, thus call it the City of Chicago.

There are no towns. There are no townships. Instead, there are villages. Village of Deerfield. Village of Bannockburn. Village of Wheeling. Within 3 minutes one could drive through all three of these and many more, never knowing exactly which village one is in.

Unless, there are those banners on light posts; you know, the same exact ones on each light post. Those are what I saw today. On each post was written, "Welcome to the Village of Wheeling."

But here is the interesting fact about where I live. The light posts are not like quaint, victorianesque light posts one would expect for a village. Instead they are your regular, tall, gangly light post that curves out at the top over the street. To add to this is the fact that while I am driving through this "village" I am on a six-lane road next to semi trucks and other large carrier vehicles. The "village" is made complete with an enormous outdoor shopping plaza filled with your everyday neighborhood stores like Barnes N' Noble & the IMAX movie theater.

So how is this a village you might ask? Well to make sure everyone knows they are not in a city, or a town, but in a village, the local chief decides to make the speed limit on the six-lane country road 35 mph.

This is where I live.

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