Monday, October 20, 2008

Oddities Of Seminary

I have heard stories of seminary from many a gent who have made it out safely over the years. Everything always seems a bit hyperbolic, mostly regarding the library--like people locking themselves up in cubicles, students creating their own home at desks in the library, books that literally crumble in your hands when you pick them up from being centuries old, people using the library as a workout facility to get more "mind energy."

Slowly I am discovering these are all true. Here are two examples:

1. There is a "homedesk" just a few work areas away from me. I know this because books are stacked high on the floor; some are nearing the ceiling. This individual--whom I have yet to actually see sitting at the desk--has a makeshift wall built with the solid materials of cardboard and duct tape. Apparently the entire downstairs of the library is filled with these "homedesks," but I have yet to venture down there for fear that I won't come out until I am 45.

2. While studying from my History of Christianity mid-term (which is going to be killer so please pray for me) I saw rapid movement out of the corner of my eye. I glanced over quickly, thinking I myself was hallucinating from my studies. Thankfully I was not, but sadly I was witnessing a lad doing mad crazy push-ups at a pace that makes me think he was doing the "girl style" with his knees on the ground because I think he did about 36 in 15 seconds. He may have even had a white wristband on as well, so I am not sure if he found the actual gym inadequate or if he literally lives here and can't imagine going to the gym when there's a perfect carpeted floor to sweat on in the library!

I am thinking I might start keeping track of all the other oddities I find throughout my time here. The list could be something by the time I am finished. Unless, that is, I actually become one of these people myself!

Please...please...keep me in your prayers!!!

By His Grace.

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  1. Anonymous9:23 AM

    Dude, freaking hilarious...but maybe you shouldn't be afraid of the home-desks, you could save some rent money...