Friday, November 07, 2008

"Lisi, Where You Going to Church?"

This has been an enormous topic of conversation since my arrival at Trinity, and rightly so. I strongly believe the Bible teaches about being involved in a local church, not forsaking meeting together as it is part of leading us to be filled with love and desirous of good works (Hebrews 10:24-25). I wrote a series of notes on going to church, but sadly they are scattered throughout my notes on Facebook. So the link provided is from my latest note, which refers to the verse referenced here. If you are really interested, you can track back through all my notes to read the rest. I trust Facebook will soon provide the ability to tag these notes.

Anyway, finding a church here did not prove as easy as my experience when I arrived back from Italy. The first thing I made sure I did when I got to Gainesville was to plug myself into Creekside Community Church because of the teaching, the community, and the discipleship that goes on there. The luxury of that was not found here, particularly because I was hoping to find something in the city I could get involved with as I believe God is calling me to plant churches in urban settings.

Well about a month ago, through a series of providential events and interactions, I have found my home church! In fact, it is a church that really isn't even a church yet; it will be a church plant ("plant" is a word for a starting church) established in January. The plant's name is The Line and will be started by a gent named Aaron who is moving down with his wife and three kids. We will begin in the Lincoln Park (just north of Downtown Chicago) area and see how God moves things from there.

I spent a good bit of time talking with Aaron, reading over his plan, talking with professors, mentors, and friends, finally coming to a prayerful decision, trusting that God is behind this. What it means is that I will be moving down to the City in January! I am trying to work out the details for that because it alters what my seminary experience quite a bit.

I hope to provide more details in the future (via video???), but for now, check out the website to see more details. Also, if you are a prayerful individual, please be praying for them and their transition along with the logistical stuff for my move (a place, the finances, school schedule, job, etc.)

Here's a link to The Line if you're interested in checking it out.

By His Grace.

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