Tuesday, December 09, 2008

It's Late

It's 1:15 am here to be more precise and I'm just finishing up work for the night. I've been getting hundreds of e-mails and wall posts and messages all asking why my blogging has basically ceased. This is a post for all you avid readers who are deeply concerned and desperate (but I think I exaggerated a bit earlier in the number of pleas for posts...)

Life has been a little hectic these days, more so than I think I ever really experienced since I graduated from college. I've written papeses galor, learned more Greek than I thought possible, and have read mad crazy texts on biblical theology and church history, while also studying for a final dealing with theology & culture, spending time in Oxford, MS for Thanksgiving, working in Admissions, and taking some time to watch the Gators dominate college football. Blogging, sadly, has been placed on the backburner. But some things have gone down:
  1. Jeremiah 10 has caused me to reflect more on idolatry in my life and this world. The essence of idolatry isn't necessarily the physically crafted, little-g gods, but anything that is a god in your life who receives attention, adoration, commitment, and worship more than The God. If you have a Bible, read the chapter and spend some time meditating for your own life asking the question, "Honestly, what does replace Jesus in my life?" For some, you have spent your whole lives living in idolatry, worshiping grades, money, sex, "having fun," "being a good person," etc. Success is a big thing for me, which stems from a fear of failure, which contrasts the fear of God. It's vicious, but I am thankful for the blood of Christ who has redeemed of such fleeting desires. When I see the idolatry, I pray, by His Spirit, that I repent and turn to Him who is the only One worthy.

  2. I am so pumped about The Line. This is the church plant I have mentioned before that I will be involved in come January. I am part of the core team and I got to hang out with Aaron (the lead planter), his wife Kayla, his sister Amie, and a girl named Zoe who lives in the city. For now we's small, but we are trusting God to transform the city of Chicago north, south, east, and west with all that Christ is, has done, and continues to do in this world! If you are interested in hearing more about this from me, feel free to hit me up, especially if you're in the Chicagoland area.

  3. The song that has most of my attention these days, outside of the entire Sufjan Stevens Christmas collection, is Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald with Let's Call the Whole Thing Off. "For we know we need each other so we better call the calling off off"...classic. Check out that sweet JAM when you get a chance.

Hopefully more later.

By His Grace.

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