Saturday, January 31, 2009

25 Random Things About Me...Um, Yeah, I'm Doing This

This has been something going around on Facebook and I realized it might be good to share it on this blog as well, seeing as how some of you who read this (the 2 1/2 of you that do read this) know little, if anything, about me. So here are some random facts to whet your pallet.

1. I am only doing this because I see that those who tag me actually want to learn about me. Other than that I think this is one of those e-mail things that goes on forever and I am fighting it even as I type. However, I will continue.

2. I am a Gator fan. I attended UF from 2000-2004, during the odd transition between the glorious Spurrier years and the anomalous Zook days. Now we are on top and it is a joy.

3. I have my own language which people make fun of. Keeps 'em on their toes.

4. I lived in Italy for a year and have been to 11 different countries. I can speak Italian decently enough to get around and hold a conversation. I would love to move back.

5. I like starting new things and am almost always up for a new adventure.

6. I am a reader, but not voracious. People usually take precedent over books.

7. I like chick flicks, but only those that have a strong male role. This has been discussed at length and I feel justified in sharing this truth here.

8. I now live in Chicago officially. I am a mile south of Wrigley and about 3 miles north of the Loop. I can now also make fun of those people who say they live in Chicago, but are really in the burbs. people. You get me every time.

9. I am growing more in love with this city everyday, even with all the mess going on. I do hope to see such great change here, and when I say that I mean deep, heart-penetrating change that can only happen through Jesus Christ.

10. I love sports and am fairly athletic. I am deceptive with my 5'7" frame and love it when guys out on the court (basketball) say, "That cat can ball."

11. I think it's safe to say that I have a "big" personality. Not like Santa Claus big, but one that has some kind of effect on people in both good and bad ways.

12. I love drinking coffee, particularly in the morning at my desk with low light and some good music playing. This is a great environment for some good reflection, prayer, Bible reading, ect.

13. Even as an adult I think Disney World is awesome. In many ways I am still just a kid, even though I'm the ripe old age of 26.

14. I honestly think 30 Rock has passed The Office as the best comedy on television. I'm a sucker for witty, smart, subtle humor and Alec Baldwin deserves mad crazy cred for his performance week in and week out.

15. I am an ENTJ (I stole this one from Angela too...thanks!) and am still wondering what that actually means. I have transitioned in life from an F to a T, which means my heart has gotten colder and my mind has gotten sharper. At least that's how I interpret it.

16. I thoroughly enjoy learning about how we come to where we are at in life. Thus I like the history of places, but more so individual people I meet along the way.

17. I hate running errands. It doesn't matter what they are; as soon as they are in the category of "errand" I hate them. Post office, food shopping, etc. Dumb.

18. My favorite meal is shrimp parmigiana, which I think only my family makes. That makes them all the more better. Yeah, more better.

19. I think long conversation over a good bottle of wine is time well spent.

20. I thoroughly believe I am exactly where God wants me to be in life right now. This is the first time in a really long time and the contentment is wonderful!

21. I once had extremely long hair, not too many years ago. If you don't believe me, you can watch this video:

22. I like to write, but do not consider myself a writer. It would be nice to publish something some day, but I think it is more for the sake of wanting something published than because I actually want to write something of substance for a mass of people. Maybe my heart will change at some point.

23. I prefer cold weather over hot weather. I like visiting hot places in the winter and all that, but do not like living in them. I am glad not to be in FL and I think the winter here is not as bad as people say. They're all just naysayers.

24. I hate sleep, but don't like waking up in the morning. Not sure how that works, but that's me.

25. I'm still wondering if all that I wrote was the best use of my time. The previous sentence gives a lot of insight into who I am.

By His Grace.

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