Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Liveblogging From Class...

4:17 CST: I am sitting in a class of a little over 50 people right now as one of our professors it talking about a topic I thoroughly enjoy--preaching.

I have never liveblogged before, but my major motivation for doing so in this very moment is to stay awake. I am sitting right in front of him so falling asleep on the table is not the best thing.

4:19: 1 Pet. 4:10-11 is an important passage for us to consider with regards to preaching because for him who speaks does so as if speaking the very word of God. This is humbling and for us as preachers we are not to be after our own glory, but for the glory of God. This is for his honor, his praise, his approval--not ours.

(Sidenote): I never thought that it would be possible for me to fall asleep in a class where wholeheartedly enjoyed the topic covered, but I am discovering that is not true. If I am tired, I will fall asleep. Do not give me the "caffeine" solution because I have had enough today to cause a herd of cattle to win the Kentucky Derby--yes, the entire herd.

4:26: This particular prof is uber-passionate. His voice is powerful and echoes throughout the entire room. Although it's a lecture, I think everyone in the room knows he was once a preacher. He has looked at me several times, directly in the eyes as if he knew I was gonna pass out. Oh how I'm thankful to be blogging.

4:28: Two reflections from Numbers 20--1) It is possible to be extremely successful in the eyes of others...being the most popular preacher/pastor...to be "America's Pastor"...tremendously successful, but be a failure in the eyes of God. On the flipside, it is possible to be seen as a failure in the eyes of people, but be successful in the eyes of God. 2) We need to trust him enough in situations where we may not be in the favor of others. We must listen to God, otherwise the temptation may be to go to "what works."

4:34: "rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr" That's what happened in my notes earlier as I was dozing off with my hands on the keyboard. Other words like thoghtns or schubert mcshozzledoo flowed from my sleeping mind through my fingers to the keys. Weird.

4:36: There has been an exchange between the prof and a student asking some serious questions about preaching. Which leads me to wonder more about this topic because I hear rumblings that some in our culture are against the idea of preaching. Is that true? If you are reading this and have thoughts on that, I would love to hear from you because I am only now getting exposed to this idea.

4:42: "It is snowing outside. It is dark already. I can't believe that. It is snowing and dark--in January in Chicago!!! How is that possible?" That seems to be the reaction of so many people here in this state. They are all shocked or saddened as if they were expected 70 and Sunny. "15 degrees outside??? I can't believe it!!!" I know this has nothing to do with class, but it surely has been in my head all day.

4:44: Preaching is given to us to build faith and persevere faith. That is enormous and the implications are huge. What a great need!

4:46: Class over. I made it.

By His Grace.


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    hahahaha....I know what that's like. Freaking hilarious post, seriously.

  2. Thanks G!!! I may be liveblogging more often from class if it keeps up like that. Stay tuned!