Sunday, March 08, 2009

Bike Week Weirdness

So the posting on both Facebook and my personal blog has nearly ceased this semester. But when something like this comes around I have to muster up all that is within me to get back to the blogosphere.

I am home for my Spring Break so I am making my rounds throughout FL visiting as many people as I can in a short period of time. Last night I was driving to my mom's during the final few days of Bike Week in Daytona. I was on the phone with a friend when I noticed out of the corner of my eye two bikers, one of who looked like he had his dog strapped to his back. I thought "this could not be" so I examined more closely. What I noticed instead was the skin of a wolf on the passenger's head! The entire wolf from head to toe was on this guy's head and every time he turned his head the body wagged back and forth as if it was alive. I pulled right up next to him just in time for him to look over at me, smile with his sunglasses on, giving me a big upward nod--all combined to convey some kind of coolness I didn't really think was evident. Passengers are never the cool people on motorcycles, even if they were to have the skin of a mythical creature like a unicorn or a minotaur on their heads.

Here's the best photo I could find to convey what I'm talking about. I can't even imagine what people who actually went to Bike Week saw.

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