Monday, August 03, 2009

10 Days of Work and Pleasure: Work

Summers in Ft. Collins, CO have become etched in my calendar since 2005 when I joined staff with Campus Crusade. In 2006 I drove through there during my lone ranger, cross-country tour to visit some friends who were going through some training. The following summer in 2007 I went out to try my hand at some classes to see if the seminary thing could be in my future (we know how that turned out). Sadly I was unable to make it in 2008, but it was with great anticipation that I would be there in 2009 somehow, some way.

Thanks to my job as a recruiter with Trinity along with my substantial connections with Campus Crusade, I was able to work a recruiting trip in during the National Staff Conference that occurs near the end of the CSU summer. I flew out on very little sleep, expecting that it would be a theme for my time out there because I wanted to get as much time with people as possible.

The first half of the time was spent working quite a bit. We had a table at a this thing called a Ministry Fair (still kinda unsure about the name, but whatevs). We were nestled between two of our big rival seminaries and we had many stare downs and duels because that's how we do. I learned how to be crafty and dominate selling points, while running down Crusade staff who walked by in order to keep them from hitting up the other tables.

In all seriousness, my co-worker, Emanuel, a pro at this stuff, is solid friends with the guys from the other seminaries, even going on a morning hike with the rep from DTS! It was so great to see how little we are legitimately in competition with one another and how instead we really just want to serve people as best we can in showing how a theological education may benefit them.

On top of that, so many old friends stopped by the table and I got to catch up with mad crazy folk. We made a substantial number of contacts with whom I will be following up over the next couple of weeks. By the end of it all I was pretty horse and ready for some rest, but I should of known better.

Remember, I came in expecting to sleep very little. That's exactly what I got...

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