Tuesday, November 03, 2009

"Professor Run-In" With Ed Stetzer

Hey all,
As many of you, some of you, or none of you know, I work in Graduate Admissions at Trinity. My current position focuses on developing a presence in the various social media outlets that have become so popular over the years, particularly on Facebook and Twitter.

One of the perks is what some may consider a more "favorable" position in the light of professors, giving me the opportunity to sit down with them and talk. The most recent idea created is called "Professor Run-Ins," which is explained in the video below.

My first interview was with Dr. Ed Stetzer. In case you don't know who he is, be sure to begin by visiting his website, EdStetzer.com. Dr. Stetzer is a seasoned church planter, conference speaker, and currently is president of LifeWay Reasearch. In short, Ed's kind of a big deal. I recently had a class with Dr. Stetzer, or "Stetz" for short, on Becoming a Missional Church. It was a week long, but was one of the best classes I've had at Trinity thus far. Stetz's heart for Jesus, His church, and His mission in this world shone through from word one and I am grateful for the short time we all had with him.

Here is the video:

By His Grace.