Monday, September 13, 2010

The Big Idea #2

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By His Grace.


  1. Anonymous8:49 PM

    Its apples and oranges - two different mediums. Maybe I am a bit out of touch, but words will never go away. I think if God chose written words for his special self-revelation, then there is probably something special with some staying power to the medium of written word.

    There is nothing like a well-written piece. The written word outlives its author extending the possibility of its influence.

  2. twas a pleasure working with you last week. thanks again for all the consulting!

    BigIdea: I don't think so. I think it's more talk that anything else at this point. I believe that it is up to the person. Whatever medium they are best at, they will do best at and have more followers if they are true to themselves. After last week, i have more of a passion for written because I found it was more thought out and able to be edited which made the content better.

    I think we should pick what we are best at and dabble a little in it all if we are comfortable.

  3. To Jimmy & Mike,

    First, thanks for commenting. I can always count on you gents to share your thoughts. You both say similar things and I tend to agree. I am partial towards Jimmy's point about sticking with your strength and dabbling in other mediums. The mix is refreshing.

    Mike, good point on God choosing the written word. I would however be interested to see what the video would have looked like? Jesus Film 2.0?

  4. I think that mediums simply evolve and develop over time. As one medium begins to shape, change and add to modes of communication, the others simply evolve as another piece of the pie is added. Video feeds our need to see, but you can never replace the ability to chew, struggle with, and internalize the written word. We can interact with and internalize words we read in a different way than we can with videos. I don't even think radio has been replaced completely. It's certainly had to evolve and redefine it's niche with the advent of TV and video, but in the same way radio didn't get rid of the written word, video won't either.

    I don't think there has to be a winner or replacement matrix applied. There are simply an increasing # of modes of expression, and as the above posters have said, different people gravitate to different ones. Writing may have changed, and will continue to with Newspapers slowly dying, kindles and sony readers popping up, and the internet continuing to grow.

    All forms of communication simply add new variety to the options of expression we have. The written word will always have it's place in my view.

  5. Well said, Russell. Thanks for the input, particularly on the increasing # of modes of expression. Will there be overload?

    The written word is also powerful because I think it allows the reader more "control" than an individual watching a video. I, on some level, am able to engage in my own way to how the written word is presented to me. One example is the pace at which I read.

    No other medium does this as effectively as the written word.

  6. I certainly would agree with Mike, that the written word is here to stay. But, I would say that the video medium could be bringing more "followers" and "participators" to conversations that they would have otherwise missed. Perhaps it could be considered the gateway drug of the blogospere for some? I wonder, for example, how may people subscribed to the Gospel Coalition blog and now read some of its content because they watched an embedded video of Driscoll, Chan and Harris. Just a though...

    PS. Nice updates to the blog. Subtle, but great.

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