Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Big Idea #3

So I have decided to record these on Sunday nights and post them so they can be up all day on Monday. If that still frame image below doesn't make you want to watch the video, I don't know what will! This should be a good one for discussion so make sure to hit me up if you have any thoughts or questions or insights.

By His Grace.


  1. Lisi! Love the question. I've been thinking on this topic lately.

    The resurrection of Christ in fullness of God and man challenges me to rethink salvation and the whole point of salvation. Christ's bodily resurrection draws a hard line stating the value of the created world. Salvation to me has long been simply a prayer for personal relationship with Christ. Salvation though in the light of Jesus' full resurrection actually embodies so much more and really helps me understand some hard passages about "working out our salvation". Something matters here - a story, a body, a world, a created order. Time is required to "work" and to be sanctified. In some ways a prayer may reorient me but a personal relationship only happens when I properly continue in that orientation.

    I think that Christianity, when view myopically and only making salvation about the soul (a prayer), is really confusing as to why anything I do in this world outside of the saving of souls can matter. When viewed knowing Christ lives in his flesh and will return to this world then suddenly my relationship with Christ - my obedience, my worship, my excitement about our relationship seems to grow exponentially. Suddenly there's a point.

    Yet often it still doesn't matter to me. At this point I think now of the importance of Sunday liturgy. How do I learn the voice of God, the story of Scripture, and who he is? I'm not very good at mustering up my heart or mind to think about him and know him. Liturgy is not something I'm always comfortable with (for fear of pharisaical lethargy) but I've grown more appreciate of it as of late. For me it is the week-in, week-out practice of communal, sensorial, historical worship that welcomes me into the story of Jesus. The whole body is engaged in this narrative that involves all peoples at all times everywhere. It is this practice that speaks value into all parts of my life, encourages me to work out salvation and better prepares me for game time.

  2. Brother,
    This is really good. I guess being on the "cutting edge" of ministry with all its talk of Incarnational, Missional living, I find it so fascinating that we still have this dichotomy between salvation and sanctification. Yet it is so prevalent in my life and in the lives of so many others. We just don't really understand what we are called to when we are called into the family of God through Christ.

    Our church plant worships through a more formal liturgy than most non-denominational churches. I grew up Catholic so once I was saved I had to fight hard to see Christ in the liturgy. Though I am uncomfortable with certain doctrines of the Catholic Church and the Mass specifically, I grew to appreciate the weekly routine if you will that challenged me to engage instead of retreat. I learned that I must come to worship and strive to fix my gaze on Christ, whether it was a routine high liturgy or the loose form of most evangelical churches today that achieve more in emotionalism than worship.

    For me, I am desiring so much these days to see Christ daily, to follow him daily, to take up my Cross daily. I want to crunch time and vision down to measurable distances because it is so easy to lose sight of Christ in every moment. He's too amazing, I'm too sinful. I need His Spirit for each breath.

    Thanks for the words.