Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Dever, Driscoll, MacDonald: Multi-Site Chruches

Pulled this off of Justin Taylor's blog. Here are his comments:
Watch this on two levels: (1) to follow the content of the discussion about the pros and cons of multi-site congregations; (2) the way in which Mark Dever is slow to speak, quick to listen, and asks good questions to advance the discussion and change the tone of the conversation. Instructive on both levels!

I found it to be really informative. I will tip my hand and say that I am not a fan of multi-site churches, though I am growing more willing to be swayed. I believe it creates too much of a cult-of-personality and relies too heavily on a brand. A lot of talk goes into their effectiveness currently, but we honestly have no idea. It would be interesting to see what the comments were in the 80s and 90s on megachurches and their "effectiveness" now that we can look back and see the many sad results from them, including, but not limited to, Consumer Christians.

What are your thoughts?

By His Grace.

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