Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Be A Bold Stalker

You may have read a few blog posts back about my Britney Spears-like attempt to try something new (and somewhat profitable) with my blog.  Well in that attempt I did actually write a post that was privy only to the elite core of individual(s) who actually signed up for the blog. Here is that premium post for your reading pleasure per gratis.

The Internet culture has bred funky styles of stalking since it first started. One of my friends recently tweeted, "what bad traits does the internet inflate in your life? in mine? stalking." Now I know that nobody's initial reaction to that is one of disgust or concern. If I gave you a link to her Twitter account your next move wouldn't be to dial 911 and report her maladjusted behavior. You most likely laughed, or if you're a bit more subdued in nature you smirked, smiled, raised your eyebrows - all in affirmation that you are just like her.

Blogs, YouTube, and especially Facebook have brought our stalkerish ways into the light like never before. Hear me right: They have not made us stalkers; they have revealed us to be stalkers. We all spend countless hours doing intense "research" on people. We've all had those moments where, in a conversation with someone, we realize they know way more about us than we've shared personally or vice versa. It's the "Hey, I'm going to New York this weekend and saw some pics of you and your friends when you went there four years ago" conversation. We all have at least one of those "friends" we know so well on the screen, but still manage only to have awkward interactions in person. It's a hesitating wave or a head-nod of acknowledgment that we are, in fact, real people, yet don't want to acknowledge that we know where the person went to high school or have read every entry in his/her blog since they started in 2002.

Now all I'm saying is that we step up our game. If you're gonna stalk, stalk boldly. Be like the guy who leaves weird love letters in your locker or bangs on the door at 3 am sobbing. If you read a blog post and have had some kind of response to it, write a comment. If you watch a video where someone is sharing an idea, and you have thoughts, share them. You see a status update or pic you like, at least give a good ole thumbs up. The Internet culture is actually inviting you to openly stalk. Don't go so crazy so as to slash tires or be like Alicia Silverstone in the 1993 smash-hit The Crush, but seek to embrace an openness to your stalking you may not have thought about before.

These days I am trying to make it a point to leave a comment on blogs I read or videos I watch. I am trying to write something to people on FB if they write something witty or I ReTweet or @reply like crazy on Twitter. If you write me, I will always respond, even if just to say thanks. Don't be a timid stalker, but a bold one, one that starts conversation in a virtual community that fosters that very thing.

What do you say? Will you join me?

By His Grace.


  1. Guess it would be rude to not leave a comment now. Like sneaking into your house, using your toilet and not flushing.

  2. I just stalked you...

  3. Anonymous12:02 AM


  4. that was me!!! feel free to stalk me, since we all know I stalking you. haha.

  5. @Mike, thanks for the very wise words

    @Petru, you're my favorite roommate

    @jimmy & jake, you guys say many profound things

    @Terra, thanks for the insights and the admitting.

    Let's bring it to the light folk!

  6. That's a good point Andrew. If we start to be bold stalkers as opposed to quietly consuming one another's ideas, we might have conversations and ideas flowing back and forth. This can then lead to action being taken, and people working together for the good of the Kingdom...or at least to finding out the different tv shows and bands that we all like. (To join in this fight to be a bold stalker I wrote this whole post from inside your bathroom while you were out. Thought I'd admit that too.) Keep up the good work Andrew.