Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Before

So you may or may not be aware of this, but I recently moved. If you keep up with the blog you may remember the tour of my old place. I moved there in August and was booted in December. It was a good booting, though. Keeping with the theme of December, my roommate, Peter, got married. He and his now-wife, Sarah, are both a part of The Line. They are the first couple to meet at our church and get married. Crazy. Anyway, I thought it was best to bounce, even though they wanted me to stay.

When I got back from my time in Florida, I arrived to my new apartment with all my belongings stuffed in my new room. Thankfully there were good friends here in Chicago who were willing to move all my junk over to here while I was gone.

Given that I moved my mom while I was home, had very little rest, drove back, then started school just days later, I had and still have very little energy to apply toward our new place. I decided to "hire" a friend to do the interior decorating of the living space. The goal is to make the aesthetics warm enough for peeps to want to hang out here. The video below gives you a small taste of what it is like now. I hope to have a video up in a few weeks of the final product.

Do you think it can be done?
By His Grace.

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