Sunday, January 22, 2012

Snow on 54th

The forecast said it was going to be a record storm. Coming from Chicago I knew it wasn't going to be anything too crazy. The snow lasted for quite some time last week and many around here were calling it Snowpocalypse and Snowmaggeddon -- the same names we used for the ridiculous blizzard last year. But what blew me away was the snow just stayed on the streets. I only saw one snow plow in three days and by that time it was basically unneeded. The other surprising aspect of the snowfall was that the University of Washington (UW) all but completely shut down. This left students with a lot of time on their hands to take to the streets. One of our interns, Taylor Hawkins, made the following video to show just what those students did. These are the future leaders of your country:

54 ST from Taylor Hawkins on Vimeo By His Grace.

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