Monday, October 21, 2013

Back At It Yo!

Just like you can't hold me back from singing Don't Stop Believing or doing the robot, I won't stop blogging even if I try (I never noticed until today that the dude in the background has the exact same jacked-up Hawaiian shirt that I have on. That's like see two baby unicorns driving a Ford Pinto).

Stacy and I were talking this past weekend about writing. I have been talking for months about how I'd like to write more. I started signing up for e-mails and tips from writers who are more proficient and produce a bunch more than I do, always trying to figure out "how they do this?" You ever wonder that? How folk can have so many thoughts and just barf them out on paper in some constructive way that makes you appreciate the arrangement of their barf? I do it all the time.

Needless to say, I haven't read any of the e-mails or taken any of the tips. The "how" isn't as important to me at this point as the "now." The how of writing begins with the now of writing. I just need to write.

So Stacy challenged me to jump back in the game and write every day until Asher is born. A loving wife giving me an enormous challenge. I've never written every day on my blog ever, and I've kept one in some shape or form since the days of LiveJournal 10 years ago.

Today is the first of what are many consecutive posts in a row. But hopefully not too many in a row because that means Asher is overcooking and Stace won't be too thrilled.

By His Grace.


  1. yay!! i love this already. you're off to a great start!

  2. I'm hooked thanks to that amazing picture. Haha. Ill keep coming back for the blog or at least the shock value. Awesome hair dude.

  3. @Aaron...that's awesome. I've got have some hooks somehow. Thanks for checking it out brother!