Tuesday, November 05, 2013

We Live in Seattle - What If You Came to Visit???

It'd be swell to have you in Seattle.

If you came, Stace and I would give you a tour of our massive two-bedroom apartment, culminating in a long, standing moment of silence in Asher's room. We'd tell you all about how we're "ready" to have our first child. Then we'd play a ton of French Jazz music on our new TV, but never watch it because who does that in Seattle?

Then we would take you out in our sweet new (new as in 2006 new) Honda CRV. We get mad crazy heads turning in that bad boy. Our drive would take you around the glorious hidden gem of West Seattle, where Regular Seattlites fear coming because of the daunting "bridge", which in reality a toddler could cross on his own, blindfolded. Out of all the aspects I'm fascinated by here - how beautiful the sound is, how majestic and terrifying Rainier looks on a clear day, how there are about 17 different bins for trash, recycling, compost, napkins, forks, plastic spoons, biodegradable plates, your saliva, dirty words, and darkest secrets - it's the aversion people have to the West Seattle Bridge that most blows me away. They miss out on the small thumb of of Seattle that feels like California with the beach and Colorado with the parks, combined with great restaurants on a major strip of town, combined with easy access to the city while also providing suburban meccas like Home Depot and Target.

But you, YOU, would get to see it all, take it all in, and never have to worry about that blasted bridge.

We'd take you to some of our favorite neighborhood jaunts. Breakfast would be at Easy Street Cafe that is part record store, part destroy you with an awesome breakfast. We actually haven't been there yet, but it's one of our favorite places because everyone we know says it's their favorite. We're bandwagon folk - who isn't? For lunch we could take you to Ma'Ono for some of the best fried chicken around, though we would have had to call the day prior to order it because they have to catch it, name it, give him a talk on why he's being killed, make sure he agrees, have him sign his death certificate after he sleeps on his decision, then they can serve him. With consent like that, how can the chicken be anything but amazing??? Then, because you hate the word "Pho" we'd take you to Pho Than Brothers for Pho. You're life would change. For dinner, we'd take you to Buddha Ruksa for the best thai food in Seattle. To end the evening, we would blow you away with a twice-baked chocolate croissant from Bakery Nouveau. This cat won the world baking competition back in 2005 with this creation. Your tears falling on the croissant as you eat it actually makes it taste better (I think it's the salt). Now that the evening is over and we're into the night, we'd take you to Husky Deli to select ice cream from their 252 choices. And of course, to top off the ice cream, would be a beer from Beveridge Place, a sweet German-like neighborhood brew pub that has a ton of local microbrews on tap.

You might be upset we didn't do any of the touristy stuff of Seattle - Pike Place, flying fish, gum wall, Space Needle, listen to Nirvana (which you can do anywhere), visit Bruce Lee's grave (yup, he's buried here...and Brandon Lee). Instead you get a tour of the apartment, a CRV ride of your life, too much eating for any one person in a day. And that's it. Oh well, you came to visit us!!!

That's why you get to sleep in Asher's room with him. That's what I call a sweet trip to visit the Lisi's!

By His Grace.

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