Monday, December 29, 2014

5 Reasons I'm Getting Off Facebook

It's that time of year again. New Year's resolutions to workout more, eat less, travel, read, forget mistakes, remember important things, be smarter and stop doing dumb stuff.

Most of the time, the "stop doing dumb stuff" tends to include a barrage of announcements on Facebook that they are, in fact, done with Facebook.

I would always make fun of them. "It's hilarious that you are announcing on Facebook that you are leaving. It's great that you think people will actually want to stay in touch with you actively when Facebook is built for passive relationships." And yet, in great sweep of humor, I am assessing my own use and concluding the same thing. And, in even greater humor, I'm writing a blog that I'm sharing on Facebook (for now) that I am getting off of Facebook starting January 1st.

I would always to try to justify my time on Facebook with some shoddy "purpose." I thought, "Let me connect with as many people I know (or don't even know, but somehow want to be 'friends' with me) so I can have a larger platform to share a message." Or, "it's a great place to exchange thoughts, opinions, etc. Or it's easy to share what's going on in life and family with people."

It's silly, really. So, after giving it much thought and consideration over the past several weeks, I've decided to bounce from FB. If you care to read, I have five reasons why that I think I'm just going to bullet out.
  1. I'm a glutton for Facebook's mindwaste.
    • It's just too easy to scroll and scroll and scroll and waste away at the dinner table, on the train, in bed, or in the bathroom (you know you do it).
    • It's just too addicting and is honestly the most routine aspect of my life.
    • Whatever words I do share get lost in a sea of endless comments and nothing of value is truly created.
    • And somehow I think, even knowing all that, that somehow it'll change -- especially if I add my words to the discussion.
    • That's how I know I'm a glutton.
  2. I've become passive and clickbait sucks.
    • I get my news from what others post who get their news from what others post.
    • I hate how "sharing" an article on some important topic is how most people voice their opinion or think they're contributing to a conversation with something to the effect of, "I've waited until now to post, but this article on ______ is exactly what I want to say." 
    • I hate seeing how quickly people publicly grieve over something tragic, posting a status or tweeting about something tragic only moments after the world learns about it. It makes me question our ability to truly grieve, as in privately, personally, with family or close friends or even before God. I won't consider you irrelevant or insensitive if you don't say something in social media. 
    • I'm drawn to articles I would never in a million years consider reading or looking up. For example, "8 Not-So-Magical Secrets From a Former Disney Princess." What???
    • I loosely engage with the lives of people I don't really know. Relationships are diluted and minimized to all-too-easy, dreaded, but highly sought-after, 'like.'
  3. I want to redeem that time for active pursuits.
    • The time can be used more wisely and for activities I actually want to do.
    • I'm learning what those are, but I think some of it is writing and reading. I'm interested in learning more about investing. I'd like to get better at my job. Perhaps some of it is blowing my time elsewhere, like watching Mad Men, which is what I'm doing as I type, but I'm not sure right now.
  4. I want to pursue the people I really know.
    • I've been in a ton of weddings and instead of actively pursuing those men, I've been busy being dumb on Facebook.
    • I have a wife and son who deserve much more of me.
    • I have close family and friends and instead of pursuing them, I've sought after people I don't know or have wasted time commenting on someone's wall about something controversial and been distracted from a meal with people that really matter.
    • I might actually have time to send e-mail updates from time to time or, get this, send letters with my actual handwriting that I picked up in Kindergarten. 
  5. I know of no other way.
Who knows, maybe this will start some trend. Perhaps it'll go viral. Maybe millions will leave FB? And if that happens - then I'll get back on because no one will be there.

Happy New Year!

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  1. I'll try again...This is Laurie...
    This is a great challenge and I agree with pretty much everything you have written. Miss connecting with you! Blessings to you and your fam in 2015