Saturday, April 25, 2015

Some Things Are Just More Important

This day has flown by and the window of time to write has been small.

I stayed up quite late last night shopping on Craigslist for a new family car. We are currently sporting a 2003 Honda Civic. It's the car I bought when I moved back from Italy in 2005, so I'm coming up on close to 10 years of owning this sweet ride with funky wave graphics on the side. I'd keep it for another 10 or whenever I'd run it into the ground; the only downside is that it's two door and the climb into the backseat for Stacy and me (but way more Stacy than me) is just not going to work for us whenever we have two kiddos.

So today I had a great prospect for a car and drove a little over an hour each way to see it. If all things go well, by Monday we will be the proud owners of a very well-maintained 2006 Honda Accord. Honda 'till we die, yo!

When I got back, Asher napped, which allowed Stace and me to take advantage of some time to do the glorious stuff people always dream about when they think about getting married: creating shopping lists and working on bills.

Then, as soon as Asher got up, we decided to all go to the store together. Sometimes Stace likes that time to herself, but today we all thought it'd be great to do it as a family. We made an extra stop at a pet supply store to let Asher explore all the birds, fish, and crawly creatures. This might be tough to understand, especially if you're not married or you don't have children, but these are some of the best times we have as a family. Those times of going to the park, going to the store, or just walking -- all of them giving us time to talk while watching our boy explore and grow and interact with other people -- are some of the most joyful and memorable. I'm sure those with multiple kids reading this are thinking, "No, Andrew, you really don't understand. Just wait..."

We got back. Asher ate. We played. I got to put him down with a modified version of our typical routine. And now Stace and I get the rare chance for a night on the town. We're just 10 minutes away and I've got to finish dolling myself up.

So what's the point of this blog?

Some days are just like this. And some things are just more important.

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