Tuesday, April 21, 2015

This is the Most Important Lesson to Learn...and Learn...and Learn

One of the most important insights learned in life is also one of the hardest in to follow.

A beautiful house with ornate design and detail, countless bedrooms and bathrooms, large enough to fill hundreds of people for an extravagant party is nothing without a solid foundation.

A world-class weightlifter never relies on sheer muscle to break records in the deadlift of the clean and jerk; he or she must depend deeply on proper form or risk horrible injury.

Sometimes the most intelligent mathematicians can be reduced to rubble when stumped with an equation because they overlooked the basic fundamentals of addition and subtraction.

Foundation. Form. Fundamentals.

None of them are pretty in their own right. When's the last time you looked at a foundation and praised it's beauty? All require time, patience, and a ton of practice to get it right. And when they are done right, it's almost as if their forgotten. And that's part of their inherent purpose; they are all intended to deflect and lead you to praise the house, the weight lifted, or the problem solved. Their absence can be deadly; their presence can lead to great things.

Yet remembering this fact and living it out is so hard for me and most of us. Don't you just want to see the walls go up and get past the boring stuff? How big of a deal is that introduction to lifting when all I want to do workout, get big, or lose weight?

There are very few of us in the world who know that putting the heavy time in at the beginning ends up paying the biggest dividends later. It's what separates the masters from the rest of us.

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