Sunday, May 10, 2015

Celebrating the Most Wonderful Mom I Know

Today is the day we celebrate moms.

I am so grateful to the women who helped make me the man I am today. My mom, my Auntie, Mary Ann -- if you ladies read this today -- thank you for loving me, for caring for me, for teaching me, and most of all, for putting up with me. It would be a frightening thing to consider what my life would be like without you.

But today I want to give commit this space to the most amazing, young, graceful, beautiful mom on the face of this planet, the inimitable Mrs. Stacy Lisi, the mother of our sweet boy Asher Daniel, the future baby in her womb, and perhaps the horde of children we may have later.

I have been so blessed to watch her grow into being a mom as Asher has changed from just a baby in her womb in 2013, to just beginning to sit in 2014, to now being able to run around, talk, say no, hug, kiss, and play.

Stacy is so committed to giving nothing but the best to Asher. Here's just one example. When we were living with her parents last year, she spent hours upon hours figuring out how to feed him the freshest foods as he was just getting introduced to solids. She mastered the art of the Vitamix, introducing him veggies all kids love like broccoli, green beans, peas and fruits like kiwi and apples. The value she placed on feeding him well then has made him a toddler who scarfs down bell peppers and blueberries like they're candy.

Stacy is so engaged with Asher. She runs around the house with him. She will pretend to be a horse so he can ride on her back. She will blow bubbles for him so he can marvel at them as they float and pop. She takes him out to the parks and climbs around with him. She cracks up at what he does and says as if he's a member of the cast of SNL. She makes sure he has his freedom to explore, but provides the right level of care to keep him safe. And here's the thing: she loves it all!

Stacy is such a teacher. Stacy has one of the most beautiful singing voices I've ever heard and so Asher has the benefit of learning songs from her. She sings with him and teaches him moves to the point where now he starts to lead us in songs, like Power in the Blood. She is constantly in search of park district classes to take Asher to and one of his most favorite things to do is to sit down with her and read books.

Stacy is so gentle in discipline. There are times where Asher isn't the most perfect child. Hard to believe, I know. Stacy is patient when Asher is defiant and disciplines with grace. No matter how often or he says no or throws tantrums, she disciplines with grace, always reminding him after how much she loves him. He feels completely safe with her and I've loved watching him trust and even grow super attached to her.

We are just beginning our journey as parents. Stacy is still a new mom. But man, in the time that we've had with our boy, I have been nothing but impressed and in awe of the women God has blessed to have has my wife and Asher to have as his mom. Thank you, Stacy, for being the most wonderful mom our children could have.

Happy Mother's Day!


  1. So enjoy your writing, Andrew! And this post is such a beautiful gift to Stacy...and all who know her! Hugs to you ALL!

  2. Thanks y'all! We miss you!