Friday, May 22, 2015

Oh Love!

Engagements are a beautiful event to watch. I think we all love them because they are short moments in time that mark the significance of a relationship, looking toward future joy while reveling in the present experience of it. 

Tonight was no exception as my younger brother-in-law asked his little lady to marry him. 

And of course he did it in an uber creative way. He wrote a script about their relationship, filmed a movie, and had friends act as he and his lady using hilarious, homemade fake heads. Then he managed to have it play after the credits of Avengers at the movie theater tonight, where he got on one knee when it was over and proposed. We got to witness it all firsthand and I bet it was a treat for the few strangers waiting for an additional secret scene.

And as tonight was the first night he put a ring on it, it's also the first night he and she got to don the heads themselves. 

Congrats you two. Thanks for letting us revel with you. It only gets better. 

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