Saturday, May 02, 2015

Saturdays Are For Suggestions: NYC

Keeping with the theme of my post from two weeks ago, I'm looking for suggestions. But this time it isn't for the blog; this time it's for an upcoming trip.

Stacy and I are getting our first mini-vacation, just the two of us, since Asher was born; he will actually turn 18 months while we're away. Grammy and Poppy are taking care of him and we shall be away for four sweet (and I'm sure definitely sad being away from the boy) days to New York City. We will be staying with some friends on the Upper East Side and will actually have a day in Boston as well for a one of Stacy's friends' weddings.

We don't have too many plans right now, but some are coming together. Though I spent early years of my life living in New Jersey, going to New York quite a bit, I've never done much of the touristy stuff. With only three full days in NYC, what would you suggest we actually do? What places do we see? What restaurants do we eat at? What should we avoid?

Here's just a few thoughts I have, completely random, but I'm hoping you can help us out:

  • Visit with my brother, who runs a restaurant there.
  • Visit some other friends who I haven't seen in forever for a drink or meal.
  • Empire State Building
  • Central Park
  • Chrysler Building
  • Grand Central Station
  • Take in a Broadway Show
  • Go to Ray's Original Pizza, but the real one on 11th like Santa says
  • Get an amazing cocktail (I need suggestions on bars)
  • See a jazz show (our friends are planning on taking us)
We just don't know what to do with that kind of freedom. Anyone who's been to NYC, please hook us up with your thoughts!

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  1. Hahaha, Ray's Pizza "like Santa says". We should probably eat gum off the sidewalk and sample some passion fruit sprays too...