Tuesday, May 12, 2015

This Odd Mix of Feelings

Tomorrow we say goodbye to our son for the first time in this way. Stacy and I are flying to New York to spend a couple of days with friends. We've done an overnight trip before, but this is for four nights!

It's quite an amazing mix of emotions. On the one hand, Stacy and I are super pumped to stay with friends in New York, to see that amazing city, and to visit with old friends and family. I'm getting the chance to see my brother, an old friend from college, and it looks like we're gonna score some Broadway tickets for Something Rotten! And, if that wasn't enough, we will have a level of freedom that we haven't known in nearly 18 months along with a high level of comfort knowing his in the wonderful hands of his Grammy and Poppy.

Yet on the other hand there is sadness. I've been away for work trips; I've experienced what it's like to be away for several days, see Asher change in countless ways, and feel like I missed out on something. But this is Stacy's first time being away from him. The fact that we're doing it together makes it feel different. I think it might be because even though I go away for work trips, Stacy is still with him; our family is still in some way together. But now, with this trip, we're both gone.

Asher's going to learn new words while we're gone; he's going to walk better, climb better, jump better (especially with the trampoline they bought!). Asher will go on new adventures with his Grammy and Poppy. We will miss those experiences. Yeah, we'll get a glimpse when we FaceTime with them, but this also might make it all the harder, even if we are sitting in Central Park, enjoying a coffee and not having to worry about being home to relieve them.

This type of saying goodbye is so odd, so weird, so unique! We know it's for a short period of time, but leaving a piece of who you are behind, even for a day, is always hard. You know what I mean?

We're going on a fun vacation, but saying goodbye to home.

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