Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Day 59: Why I Love Cities

There are lots of reasons to love cities, especially world class cities like Chicago. Culture abounds, museums run rampant, music scenes are other worldly, and, if you could afford it, you could spend the rest of your life eating at restaurants that will make you cry at some point during the meal. Sports teams, festivals, parks, protests -- it's all there.

I'm going to confess a very simple reason as to why I love cities.


I love cities because of the density. I love how close and compact everything is, some space withstanding. I like the fact that we can be just outside our apartment with The Boy and have neighbors on both sides to talk to without even taking 10 steps. I love seeing the little girl stare out the window at us smiling because she enjoys seeing The Boy run and scream, knowing that it isn't weird at all that she's doing it.

I love the tall buildings, the tighter streets.

I love packed trains.

I love the surprise turn around the corner where I might bump into someone who pretends to be busy and complete unfazed.

I love the diversity and wish there was more community that grew as a result of it.

I love being able to walk to pretty much any place we need to go and having the weird feeling that getting in our car to go somewhere 10 minutes away is a "hassle."

I believe God loves the density too.

That's why heaven is described as a city.

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