Thursday, June 04, 2015

Day 61: My Admission - I Love LeBron James

I love basketball.

I love the NBA Playoffs.

And I am absolutely rooting for LeBron James.

I'm watching him bucket after bucket in the 4th quarter right now like it's not a problem. He has "quietly" put up a near-40 point game and controls the entire flow when he's on the floor. He does it night in and night out. He's done this his entire career and he's currently playing with, statistically, one of the worst surrounding cast of all NBA finals.

I can't understand why the majority of people I talk to want to see the greatest basketball player in the world and easily one of the top 3 players of all-time fail. We are watching a freak of nature athletically speaking, someone so special, and won't even know how to appreciate it until the legendary stories start to take shape years from now.

It's sad to me really. I would much rather say, "I watched that guy play and win championship after championship" than, "yeah, he was great, but nothing that special" just because he didn't win.

Sure, he's a little arrogant and whines a bit, but the legend of of Michael Jordan has been set to forget how arrogant he was, how he pushed back on the press, how he whined when he didn't get the calls. To be honest, I think Michael Jordan just acted and looked cooler in those situations than LeBron; perhaps just as LeBron has worked on his fingernail biting, he needs to work on his whine-face. But I digress.

He is nearly averaging a triple-double in these playoffs. He doesn't have Kevin Love and is playing with a hurt Kyrie Irving. And they're going up against one of the greatest single-season offensive teams of all-tie.

And I think they're going to win in 6.

Go Cavs.

And go LeBron James.

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