Thursday, June 11, 2015

Day 68: Nothing

Sometimes you just have nothing.

Doesn't really matter what time of day it might be. I could have started in the morning, though right now I admit I'm writing just before bed.

But either way, I had nothing today.

Write anyway, I say! Write until you get out of the block and into a space where creativity can flow freely again.

And why is that?

Because of the undergirding commitment to write. You might say, it's almost covenantal. The commitment to write everyday is built on the foundation of both the joy and the skill of writing. And though I never signed a paper, Thirty Minute Thoughts began on Easter Sunday in a modest ceremonial fashion.

All that to say, the commitment drives the writing, even if there is no writing. Something is there, it's out there to be reached, to be connected with, to be taken in, molded and shaped, crafted in joy and given as a gift. And I will use even my words now to try hard to get there – for my sake.

Something is there.

Just not today.

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