Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Day 73: A Personal Milestone

I have been blogging on and off since 2003, back when Live Journal was the spot for anyone cool in the blogging world, which, if we're honest, was no one. I was definitely an early adopter of blogging, but didn't know the potential then and missed the boat on that one.

Anyway, I moved over to Blogspot, which is now Blogger, owned by Google, after I got back from living in Italy back in 2005. So nearly 10 years on this blog right here.

And in any given year I've never posted as much as I have in 2015!

The most I have had in the years before this was back in 2008 with 72 posts.

To be honest, this is extremely encouraging. As I've written about before, the commitment to write everyday no matter what, to publish something, to see that is impacting a handful of lives, and to improve with each post, has been revealing in a number of ways.

One new revelation is the confidence to pursue other goals in life that I've had a lot of hesitation doing because of fears or questions or inexperience. As I fulfill this goal of writing for 30 minutes everyday and create something, all of that "stuff" goes away. At some point along the way it's destroyed like a cocoon and freedom emerges. The journey is necessary, I believe, for all important things in life. Think about it. Big tests, big dates, big decisions, big demos, big games – all call for nerves and fears and too many of us get stuck there without taking any steps.

But not with this. And not with what else I want to do in life.

So this is a milestone, but it's only the beginning. Next is hitting day 100. Then day 365. Then day 1000?

One at a time...

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