Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Day 80: Do Something Different Today

All of us have some things that are so routine in our day that we don't even know it anymore.

Do something different today.

If you drive to work, take a different route.

If you take the train in, try not to be on your phone or computer the entire time, look up and out the window.

If you aren't a writer, try writing a paragraph about your day.

If you aren't a reader, pick up a book you've always thought about reading. I have plenty of suggestions other than the two I'm reading currently.

If you go to the same grocery store to shop, try a different one near you.

If you go out for lunch at the same place, try a different item on the menu or a different place all together.

If you never say hello to the bus driver, try doing it today.

If you never do anything when you accidentally make eye contact with someone you're walking by or if make the awkward "I was looking at you but I'm pretending I was looking through you or around you at something else thing" try smiling and saying hello. This one is my favorite. Smiling has inherent power.

Bottom line, if you've never considered mixing up how you go about your day, try one thing different today. Get out of the small world you've created for yourself and see what else might be out there. My suggestions don't take too much change, but I think what happens is profound.

See what happens. I guarantee you'll be surprised.

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