Monday, June 29, 2015

Day 86: Stop Giving Your Emotions to What Isn't Real

Certain times in life, whether a season or a moment, can be overwhelming.

These are present seasons, present moments. They can be a first date, marriage, childbirth, purchasing a home, a new job. They can be times of great joy, like proposing to your longtime girlfriend or they can be times of difficult, like the loss of a job. And what can happen when we are overwhelmed is that we give our emotions to a world that isn't true. Isn't real.

Stop giving your emotions to what isn't real. Too many people lose their mind over what might be and in doing so become emotionally invested in what will never be.

I do not mean you should stop finding joy in dreaming. Nor do I mean that you should never prepare for the sadness in future hardships. What I mean is that if you lose your mind to your emotions and find that you are paralyzed to pursue that dream or deal with that hardship in a reasonable way, you have given too much of your emotion to what isn't real and it is the time to stop.

I believe our emotions are given to us to match the intensity of the moment. Most of us don't get this right, either downplaying our emotions, drowned in a sea of monotony, or depending too much on them, floating in clouds of irrationality.

Stop giving your emotions to what isn't real. When you're cast at sea or find yourself floating, seek solid ground, where your mind and feelings meet truth.

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