Friday, July 31, 2015

Day 104: Another Boy

Throughout the past several weeks an organization by the name of The Center for Medical Progress has been releasing expose videos of Planned Parenthood. This is a little bit out of my normal writing, but I have to share this. This is the fourth video released, and the most indicting up to this point. It shows clearly there is some kind of profiteering going on with fetal tissue. The video, which is very disturbing, even shows aborted children. In the last line of the video, the doctor exclaims with some kind of sick joy that the 12 week aborted baby was "another boy!"

(If you're reading this in your e-mail, you can watch the video here)

I know this is a major issue and it has a long history in this country. I am not using this space to speak as a prophet, talking about "God's judgment on this nation" for such atrocities. There are many who do this. I am not writing here to call on politicians for Planned Parenthood to be defunded. There are many who do this too.

I'm writing as a father. I'm writing as a papa who, five minutes after watching that video, got to greet my 20 month-old son at my door. He was full of smiles, his blue eyes as bright as ever.

I thought about the eyes on that video.

My boy was only in his diaper and I held him for a sec before he wanted to walk up the stairs himself, his chunky legs moving one by one up the steps slow.

I thought of those legs on the video.

I saw my 20 month-old boy, growing so quickly – walking, running, talking, laughing, climbing, grabbing, screaming, joking, rebelling, cuddling – and knew at one point he was just "another boy," 12 weeks in the womb and that boy could have been doing the same thing just a few years from now just as my boy is doing today.

I was heartbroken thinking about "another boy" in that video, more personalized than usual in those types of settings as a "boy" rather than a "fetus," but also less personalized, made less human, because he was just "another boy," another dead baby, broken up in parts to be sold for profit.

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