Thursday, July 09, 2015

Day 93: Prioritizing the Wifey's Birthday

I am foregoing a post tonight in favor of finishing up my wifey's 30th birthday present.

That's right – our anniversary is on the 7th and her birthday is on the 11th. This morning I determined that in the future I will just block out the first half of July to focus on these days and not attempt to accomplish anything more. It's just silly of me to think I could do anything else!

I'm pretty pumped about her birthday and her present in case you were wondering. She knows some things and will be surprised by others. That's always a good mix.

At any rate, I know she won't read this for at least a few days after her birthday. I guess that's another lesson I've learned in our three years of marriage. So I guess this post is a surprise of sorts! If you know my wife, please take some time to leave a comment below wishing her a happy birthday (if you read this via an email subscription, consider coming over to the blog and commenting). Even if you don't know her, I'd love for you to wish her a happy birthday as well. This is a big one – 30??? JAM.

Now back to work...

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