Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Day 96: Core Commitments in Work Part 2

Yesterday I began sharing about core commitments in work.

If I can be honest work right now is difficult. I don't mean that the actual tasks themselves are difficult, as if I'm doing complicated math or formulas. By difficult I mean that it's one of those seasons where it's harder than it should be. Much of what we do, if done right, can be fairly predictable. But for a number of reasons it has become almost unpredictable. It's nothing alarming or anything that keeps me up awake at night, but it is difficult. You can relate right?

So the timing of what I'm working through right now is perfect and, perhaps, if you find yourself in the same season as me, this is a good time for you to reflect on your core commitments in work.

So yesterday was about how I am committed to pursuing excellence in my work. Today I want to share about how I'm committed to generously giving out of what my work produces.

2. Give generously out of what my work produces:

Give out of my paycheck. Bottom line is work gets me greenbacks, dollar bills, benjis, the goods. Whatever. My work produces a paycheck and that money can be used for whatever I want. Part of that is wanting to make it a family thing, so my paycheck is our money. So this is not me getting paid and being utterly irresponsible, hitting up casinos, buying lottery tickets, or even something smaller like hoarding more of it for myself, only leaving my family with a little. The paycheck I receive working outside the home is only possible through the work the Wifey does inside the home. We make financial decisions together and the primary place of generous giving is our family. In addition, we seek to give generously to our church and other organizations through financial gifts, to others by way of gift giving, whether for a special occasion or just because, and to those in need for some hospitality and care, like bringing meals to new parents. Work provides the financial means to give generously.

Produces relationships. I love these. I love the fact that work produces new relationships on an almost daily basis. The work environment has provided me the opportunity to meet dozens of amazing, talented folk.

Produces experience. I'm learning so much right now...

My time is up; I'm falling asleep. I'm out.

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