Monday, August 10, 2015

Day 106: Thoughts from the El

More games are played here than anywhere else. I've watched more folk play Candy Crush than I want to believe actually happens.

It's cavernous. I'm to blame. I'm on my computer, listening to music from my phone. I'm inaccessible to anyone and everyone. That's how we all are. We suck.

Electronic readers and activity outweigh paper. Two people are reading paper books or the newspapers. The rest of us are on our phones, iPads, Kindles, computers, or a combination of all of them.

It's beautiful here. We get such a view of the city and the different facets of it. We get an idea of the "types" of people depending on where they live. Such is the nature of the Brown Line.

Most people don't stop work on the El. They leave the office, but work still gets done. There's a quote that says "back in the day the work was done when the day was done. Nowadays the day is done when the work is done – and the work is never done." Nevermore has that been appropriate than our lives today and the El is evidence.

Candy Crush vs. the next e-mail to a client. On the El some escape and some dive deeper.

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